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Website Audit and Marketing Recommendation for Casting Company

Below are the results of my site audit on Casting company.

Site Metrics

  • Domain URL –
  • non-www to www redirection – Implemented implemented
  • index.php to non-index.php redirection – Implemented implemented
  • Website PageRank – 0
  • Domain Authority – 10
  • etc….

SEO Setup

  • Google Analytics – None, it’s very important to have a Google Analytics on every website. This tool allows us to track down the website traffic performance on the internet. It will also give you an ideas how to improve your online marketing campaign.
  • Webmaster Account – None, setup Google & Bing Webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tool, this tools allow us to diagnose website technical related issues of the site such as crawling and indexing issues. It also used in monitoring your website performance in search engine.
  • Robots.txt file – Present
  • etc….

Website Elements

  • Homepage Design – The design/structure of the landing page (homepage) is too simple. Consider redesigning the layout and structure of the website. Also add images that can help recall the contents and add more contents if possible.
  •  Heading Tag – Present, but not all the pages have heading text/tag. Consider using proper/descriptive heading text in all pages and insert target keywords. It will not only improve your website ranking on search engine result but also help to attract visitors attention.
  • Website Title – Present but not used properly. The title is probably the most powerful SEO elements on the page. This element is what will display in the search result , so consider providing descriptive and keyword rich title (here is the sample format: Brand Name + Service type/business category + Location).
  • etccc…..

Website Speed Performance

  • Page Speed Grade – 88%
  • Page Load Time – 8.01s
  • Total Page size – 656KB
  • Total number of request – 23

The page speed grade of your website is good but load time it’s too long. It’s really needed to improve because it will affect your website performance in search engine and user experience. Visit this like to see full report …

Search Engine Index Status:

  • – 8
  • – 5
  • – 5

General Recommendation

  1. Revamp/Re-design your website
  2. Create specific services landing page and marketing landing page
  3. Create social media accounts and integrate on your website
  4. Provide proper SEO elements
  5. Verify your website on Webmaster tools and create Google Analytics account
  6. Submit your website on Google places

Full full website audit, please contact us…

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