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Solution for Spam Referral Website in Google Analytic

This solution is design for web development company and solo entrepreneur who wished to publish new website. Yes the solution is simple strategy prior to the publication of your website. We find this strategy effective through discovery.
Here is the steps

1. While the new website is under design or development, create new profile or property in Google analytics using the real domain

2. Do not install or publish the GA code, just let it there for one week and you will see that referrals traffics are coming even you have not installed the GA code.

3. Start filtering these GA spam bots or referrer using custom and ip domain.

4. Then check the sessions after 1 day. Filter if there are new.

5. On the 3 days check again. If you are confident that there will be no more unwanted referrers then install it to your live website.

Yes the spam referral is not found in your website since you have not installed GA. It could be located in Google analytic server and this should be answer by Google themselves.






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