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SEO SETUP PROCESS for Web Development Companies

1. For old website, before we begin the development, we retrieve and
preserve your site’s:
a. Google analytics ____________
b. Webmaster code ____________
c. 5 to 10 latest keywords ranking on for comparison with the new website

d. Current homepage domain and page authority, number of Google/Bing indexed pages and backlinks.

Page Authority
Google index pages
Bing index pages
Total backlinks

e. Navigation structure and list of all urls

f. Identify internal pages with higher authority and presence of inbound links.

2. For new and old site, we conduct local and global keywords research

depending on your target. We identify 10 to 20 keywords best for you business using old Google Analytic
records, Alexa and client configuration. If eCommerce website we could reach 40 below.

3. We secure your website and its CMS by installing up-to-date Akismet and bad behavior anti spam plugin.

4. We setup your Google analytics and filtered spam bots that can cause in-acurracy in numbers.

5. We setup your Bing & Google webmaster code and we make sure that Bing & Google confirm website submission.

6. We make sure that your site has dynamic sitemap xml file, submitted and accepted by Google.

7. We make sure all pages for Google indexing are quality only by not allowing indexing on date achieves, tags, author archieves, excess categories, my-account
url, test url, checkout page, cart page, shipping page etc..

8. We make sure your important pages are index by Google and Bing specially the product and services pages by manually submitting at least 10 urls to Bing and Google search engine.

9. We distribute 2 to 5 keywords each in your important pages like home, product or service page making sure the pages has the right keywords when the
search engine crawl your website. More product and service pages mean more search engine opportunity.

10. We provide keyword optimised web page title and description on your home, product and service pages making sure that it will have a higher click rate from search engine result.
Our formula for web page title is “Marketing Term + Your Service + Local keyword + Your Brand.

11. We make sure that your website will be index by Google on the first day of publication by submitting your site to

A. Local directories

a. Google business directory ___________
b. _______
c. __________

12. We make sure that if you update your website, the CMS will automatically ping top search engines.

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