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Online Marketing Types for Small Business


  • Search Engine Optimisation – The basic among the rest. It required skills in html, writing and selling. It is basically creating quality content to get links as well as on page optimisation
  • PPC Advertising  – sometime call adwords advertiment
  • Social Media Marketing –  Creating content for update and engaging with other users
  • Content Marketing – involves producing content and re purposing.
  • Email Marketing – involves white downloadable paper to entice sign up
  • Affiliate Marketing – offer commission basis to anyone that can give sign up
  • Niche Marketing – Work on small area of the marketing for lesser competitor
  • Clasified Advertising – Post advertisement locally to get good results
  • Ad Banner Advertising – This is month fee from bloggers and website owners
  • Video Marketing – create regular videos and submit online to youtube and others
  • Referral Marketing –  Ask other customers to bring new customer with commissions
  • Promotional Marketing – Offers promo in your social media or participate in conference and offer prices during games and competition
  • Telemarketing – Oral cold calling techniques
  • Direct Mail Marketing – lead generation campaign but less effective

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