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Mobile friendly audit for small clinic website

using –

1. not mobile friendly
2. – not mobile friendly
3. – not mobile friendly
4. – not mobile friendly
5. – not mobile friendly
6. – not mobile friendly
7. – not mobile friendly
8. – not mobile friendly
9. – not mobile friendly
10. – not mobile friendly


 Text too small to read
 Content wider than screen
 Mobile view port not set
 Links too close together

Based on the last 4 months report there’s an increase of 52% in traffic from tablet device category. For the mobile device category, there’s also a steady increase in the traffic for the last 3 months (November – January) except on the month of February, traffic decrease by 62%.

In general, though website traffic increase on a monthly basis, bounce rate is still too high, the ideal bounce rate should be less than 50%. Having a higher bounce rate from search gives Google a bad signal that means your site might have a bad user experience (non mobile friendly). There’s a big probability that website bounce rate will lower down once it will be mobile friendly.
When it comes to keyword ranking, momentarily website has a very good position in SERP but there’s a high risk that website keywords will decrease once the Google mobile algorithm will roll-out this coming April 21st. Competitors’ websites are already mobile friendly.

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