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Marketing Strategies for Network of Graphic Company in South Australia

After requesting a website audit, the company is now looking for marketing recommendations. The following strategy should not be done my a marketing staff alone, it requires project manager, graphic and web developers, writers and internet marketing staff.

1. Clean up the website from possible injection: The site show a red flag from this online tools.

2. Start content marketing by updating your blog at least 2x a week. Use this blog to update all your social media accounts. Write topics beyond your business. Discuss entrepreneurship, start up, management, marketing, app developments, ecommerce web design and organisation.

3. Google look for website reputation. Make sure the about us page, portfolio, testimonials and service pages have low bounce
rate. Check your Google analytics for the bounce and exit rate.

4. Acquire unique domain link from authority websites like news agency, organization, education and government website. Prioritise
local domain ( The site has 42,196 from 369 unique domain which show not balance link signal.

5. Social Proofs – The homepage needs social proof like client testimonials which should be clickable to a separate testimonial
page. Make sure this testimonial page are frequently updated with fresh content. Present the logo of known company as part of
social proofs. Metion some awards and recognition. Include some links to review sites like Yelp, Yellowpage, True Local and more.

6. Metas – Maximise the meta title and description to improve conversion and reduce bounce rate. Always use 65 characters for title and 155 for
description with keywords and selling phrases. This should increase click rate and reduct bounce rate. Avoid pages with meta title
and descriptions.

7. Conduct proper keyword research, idgooglwebmasterentify profitable keywords with search volume, distribute the keywords properly on its
correct landing pages, optimise these landing pages with content and long tailed keywords. 4. Avoid keyword stuffing on service
pages by adding more content.

8. Submit the sitemap.xml to Google webmaster and identify keywords that almost rank. Find its landing page, optimise it with
content and related kewyords and provide some inbound links.

9. Run a social media advertising for at least 1 month to collect good number of followers.

As long as the website will follow Google quality page guidelines, then the site will be in the positive track withing 3 months.


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