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Marketing Recommendation for Pressure Tiles and Floors Cleaning Company in Perth WA


I SEO setup

  •  Change the favicon into logo for branding consistency
  •  Redirect to http://www.
  •  Redirect http:// to http://www.
  •  Redirect http://www. to http://www.
  •  Install this to meta: <meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”>
  •  Install this to meta: <meta name=”msvalidate.01″ content=”A092F27644…” />
  •  Please create a robots.txt file with this directory: http://www. and allowed access user-agent: *
  •  Setup this on Logo Image – alt and title tag: domainbrand concrete polishing and tile cleaning logo
  •  Convert the slider into indexable text for Google indexing opportunities
  •  Install this sitempa.xml into root directory to provide this url
  • http://www. Please download the sitemap.xml files attached in the basecamp.

II On Page Recommendations

HOME content enhancement. Please request to the client to add the following for content enhancement;

 Service Benefits:
Include 3 bulleted phrases about the benefits of your service (mention keyword: high pressure cleaning perth )

 Service features:
Include 3 bulleted phrases related to service features that makes your company different or unique with competitors. (mention exact keyword: Concrete polishing Perth, tile cleaning, grout cleaning)

 Customer Proof:
Include at least one customer testimonials and link to a testimonial page if available.

 Awards and recognition:
Include trophy, certificate, logo of your company awards if available

 Membership:
Include the logo of the association as member of the business community if available.

 Navigation:
After one scrolling, the navigation is now hidden so implement the navigation links in the footer of the webpage. see example of website with navigation in the footer.. http://www.

 Image Alt and title setup:
image1 – concrete coatings Perth, image2-tile and grout cleaning Perth, image3- High pressure cleaning Perth

 Contact us alt and title:
Click here to enquire about Perth pressure cleaning

 Offers downloadable to get emails:
Prepare a downloadable sales kit file through opt-in form. Release the sales kit only after getting the emails for future email marketing campaign.

 Resources page:
List the products and equipment that you use with 1 paragraph descriptions each. Then link each product to company website. Google love website the provide citation to other websites.

 alt and title recommendation on 2nd click here:
Contact us for your free concrete polishing and tile cleaning consultation

 Please include this legal notice in the footer:
Copyright © 2014 domainbrand All Rights Reserved • ABN xxxxx xx xxx xx • ACN xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

 Recommended additional legal page:
Terms of Service page (discuss some policy, contract agreement, labor warranty etc…)

 Recommended additional Page:
FAQ page (discuss frequently question by your customer to reduce customer service workload)

 Recommended additional page:
testimonial page – this page help increase conversion

 Avoid using full size background image:

it slow down the website loading speed.

Content enhancement in About us

1. Tell the story of the company in timeline
2. Mention key persons in your company with link to twitter or facebook account. Mention their individual task to be to insert the keywords: concrete coatings, Perth, tile cleaners Perth and pressure cleaning Perth
3. Stress company achievement, milestone, training, participation.
4. Show the photos of your office, facilities and equipment’s
5. Mention and link to news and articles written for the company.
6. Includes company vision and mission statement while mentioning exact match keywords (concrete polishing, anti graffiti coating, non slip floor treatment)
7. Use different image for the about us page. Maximise the

Content enhancement in services

Ask the client to add additional service pages to properly distribute keyword density per service page and be able to use urls for optimisations.

page: Cleaning and sealing of all natural stones
Provide 200 words content for this service page
Includes benefits and service features in bulleted text
Include relevant photo
Include call to action word like dial this number of email us today!
Mention this exact match keywords in the content: tile cleaners Perth and tile and grout cleaning Perth

page:High Pressure cleaning

same application except:  Mention the keyword High Pressure cleaning Perth and Perth pressure cleaning in the content

page:Anti Slip treatments

same instruction except mention the keywords non slip floor treatment and non slip flooring solutions
page: Scratches in stone, marble removal

same instructions except mention the keywords – tile repairs, tile restoration Perth, tile


Logo image – Implement these:
Title tags: domainbrand Logo and
Alt tag: domainbrand high pressure washing specialising in tiles, marble, porcelains and more.
Products page enhancement
1. Convert the company url’s into indexable text
2. Set all the outbound links into nofollow tags.
3. Provide a minimum of 30 words description about this page. Avoid thin content

Videos page enhancement

Content Duplication
Can you please inform the client to rewrite the homepage and video page since the 2 pages are content duplicate. Because of this, i presume the site is penalised for duplication.

http:// and http://

Also the content of the homepage is duplicate with competitors website. It seems this customer just copy the content from other website.

http://www. domainbrand

Contact Page enhancement

1. Please include Google map
2. Include also the link to social media accounts specially facebook, G+, Pinterest and linkedin.
Blog and News (Additional features)
1. Please add blog feature to complete the requirement for freshness algorithm.
2. Integrate the like and share plugin on blog or news update.
3. Include Facebook face widgets to encourage visitors to like the page.



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