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Ink Removal Company in Perth gets Free Online Marketing Recommendations

1. Content Optimisation

a. change the Inkout Tattoo Removal to “Inkout Laser Tattoo Removal Perth, WA” this is exact match keywords for Laser tattoo removal perth with local

b. Keyword embedding for prominence. Edit the content of the site and mention the following terms

laser tattoo removal perth mention 2x
before and after tattoo removal 2x
tattoo removal prices prices 2x
painless tattoo removal 2x
c. The one page website to win the marketing competition must be converted to full blown website with regular update. (Freshness algorithm). Due to the nature of the
service, this is consider as niche market therefore a NICHE MARKETING blog setting is advisable.

d. The new blog site should have the following elements

1. Striking company tagline
2. Opt-in form to collec emails with downloadable white paper about Art of Tattooing
3. Sidebar – consist of social media icons, Latest post, most commented post, most visited topics, some youtube videos,
4. Testimonials – Should have regular update of testimonials in the sidebar
5. Gallery of tattoo – The gallery should have descriptions
2. Social Media

a. Update the Facebook channel with your blog photos and articles
b. Since the site is about art, the site should have Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Stumbleupon account.
c. Include a social media sharing buttons on the article
d. Followers (face plugin) social media icons on the sidebar.
e. Visit and join other arts group in Facebook, pinterest and Google+ .
f. Facebook advertisement is cheaper ($5 intro campaign price) to get 2000 folowers.

3. Pay Per Click

1. Sign-up on Google adwords and launch Pay Per Click campaign for immediate traffics.
2. Budget $100 per month for possible 30 to 40 immediate unique visitors.

4. Find art and fashion blogger and offer referrals.

5. Promo – offer a price for blogger with frequent contest. Required them to like your social media channels.

6. Content Marketing – Produce quality content for publication like press releases, white papers, brochures, presentation, videos etc to bring traffics from online sharing websites.

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