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Hair Salon and Hairdressers in Perth get Free Marketing Recommendations

1. The current website is ow enjoying good keywords ranking due to its popularity in Perth. However, due to single page website, it do not enjoy full
potential. Many keywords are not present in home and service pages because Google do not allowed keywords stuffing. The solutions is to increase the
number of service page that will serves as landing page of the new kewyords. such as

  • a. hair extensions Perth with average of 1000 monthly search volume
  • b. weave hair extensions Perth with 40 search volume and Great lengths hair extensions Perth with 20 search volume.
  • c. celebrity hair extensions 50 average monthly search volume
  • d. Hairdressers leederville and hair salon leederville with 70 monthly search volume.

2. Some other keywords that already rank can move higher if we make some adjustment.

  • a. Add h1 tag “Hair Salon Perth” below the slider
  • b. Mention “hair salons perth cbd” and “hair salons perth city” in the homepage content as related keywords
  • c. On /services/, Change “Hair Services by ” to “Hair Salon Services in Perth WA” (with H1 tag)
  • d. Since the site is about beauty, add pinterest social media channel, post the before and after photos of your client which includes name and a short
  • profile. Repost this to Facebook account.
  • e. Include testimonial page of your regular clients
  • f. Keep updated photos in the gallery. Google loves fresh content

3. The keyword “hairdressers perth” ranks at 43rd. Create a new page with minimum of 300 words as Google search engine sales and landing page. Embed the
keywords on the same page for higher density and additional visitors: hairdressers subiaco perth and hairdressers west perth for higher keyword density.

4. The site should have downloadable hairstyle brochures which visitors can only get if they signup for newsletter, hence the site will have email list ready for email marketing in the future.

5. Since the company organised fashion shows, the site should have a youtube video channel and this should appear on the website video gallery. We can work
on video distribution online.

6. Due to successful presence worldwide, the site should revamp with global touch.

7. Google loves fresh content updates therefore the site need tobe updated regularly. Through company blog, the website can use following content for their updates.

  • a. Hair style for Men
  • b. Hair style for women
  • c. Hair style for female over 50
  • d. Hair style for kids
  • e. Hari style for executives

12. The site is still under low authority page and domain status due to less to no online marketing activity. It should signup to 3months link building to have established inbound links from authority sites. Website Page Rank Authority changes every year so the site should be ready during annual update.

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