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A customer keeps on changing mind on design of Logo, what the graphic designer’s reply is epic

A customer with medium size company keep on asking for design changes in their company logo. It already gone with more than 10 revisions. Without the idea on what they want, the client is obviously in a try and error mode.

What the graphic designer reply is epic.


Logo design PerthWe will work on the required changes, but we’ll do it in a modern way and in a very practical sense. As what our Manager trying to tell us, there are essential rules to follow when creating a logo and I hope we can educate the client to help them understand this :)

I think this textured thing won’t be noticed when printed on a business card size. It may look great in bigger dimensions like tarps and posters, but it becomes a bit blurry when printed on a business card. Versatility of the logo is one of the factor of an effective logo. A complicated logo is also more difficult for customers to remember. I know that the client loves the idea of the texture, but we should also consider that to have an effective logo it should look good on any size. So expect us to produce different concepts that we think looks best and effective :) We are the designers anyway.

Also, the idea of adding the phone number as part of the logo is not appropriate. Especially when the logo is used on the web designs and in business cards. It’s not the right place. It should go along with the contact details.

Here are the 3 components of the logo should only have to help our client:

pictogram (symbol / icon / avatar)
wordmark (name of the company/brand)
tagline (baseline / slogan)

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