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Content Marketing Strategy is better than responsive website update

Mobile friendly website development

Mobile friendly website development

1. For immediate traffics they need to run facebook and adwords advertisement campaign.

2. For long term traffic generation, we need to revamp the website. Google is looking for the following pages: contactus, about us, testimonials and blog page.

3. Once the site is ready, sign up for a 3 months SEO campaign to get minimum inbound links and citation.

3.1 Regularly update the website with knowledge based content. This will make them expert in eyes of Google algorithm.
3.2 They are regularly updating Facebook page but never update their website. This is wrong process. They should create a blog in their website, update it with photos of the customer. Then use the blog update and post it on facebook.

3.3 Add more social media account like Instagram and pinterest. Take photos of the products and regularly post this to all your social media account.

3.4 Integrate FACEBOOK feeds in the website. Any facebook update are now indexable by Google.

Note: Making the website a mobile responsive is VERY VERY SMALL factor. If the website is responsive but do not have content update then the mobile friendly is NOT WORTHY. On the other hand if the website is regularly updated with quality content even it is NOT mobile friendly, it will rank naturally.

The top 3 major algorithm factors today are content, customer citation and link signal

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