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Complete SEO SETUP Process

Here are the complete SEO setup for any new and revamp website 1. Register to Bing/Google webmaster and Analytics – 2. Intall webmaster and bing code on demo dashboard –

Marketing Strategies for Network of Graphic Company in South Australia

After requesting a website audit, the company is now looking for marketing recommendations. The following strategy should not be done my a marketing staff alone, it requires project manager, graphic and web developers, writers and internet marketing staff. 1. Clean up the website from possible injection: The site show a red flag from this online […]

SEO SETUP PROCESS for Web Development Companies

1. For old website, before we begin the development, we retrieve and preserve your site’s: a. Google analytics ____________ b. Webmaster code ____________ c. 5 to 10 latest keywords ranking on for comparison with the new website __________ ______ _____ ______ _____ d. Current homepage domain and page authority, number of Google/Bing indexed pages […]

Marketing Recommendation for Pressure Tiles and Floors Cleaning Company in Perth WA

  I SEO setup  Change the favicon into logo for branding consistency  Redirect to http://www.  Redirect http:// to http://www.  Redirect http://www. to http://www.  Install this to meta: <meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”>  Install this to meta: <meta name=”msvalidate.01″ content=”A092F27644…” />  Please create a […]

Online Marketing Types for Small Business

  Search Engine Optimisation – The basic among the rest. It required skills in html, writing and selling. It is basically creating quality content to get links as well as on page optimisation PPC Advertising  – sometime call adwords advertiment Social Media Marketing –  Creating content for update and engaging with other users Content Marketing […]

Ink Removal Company in Perth gets Free Online Marketing Recommendations

1. Content Optimisation a. change the Inkout Tattoo Removal to “Inkout Laser Tattoo Removal Perth, WA” this is exact match keywords for Laser tattoo removal perth with local target. b. Keyword embedding for prominence. Edit the content of the site and mention the following terms

Hair Salon and Hairdressers in Perth get Free Marketing Recommendations

1. The current website is ow enjoying good keywords ranking due to its popularity in Perth. However, due to single page website, it do not enjoy full potential. Many keywords are not present in home and service pages because Google do not allowed keywords stuffing. The solutions is to increase the number of service page […]