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5 Best Guides in Improving Customer Engagement

In integrated marketing theory, returning customer is a customer that more likely to buy again. They can also provide better website benefits if they stay longer with your site and engage with your customer service online.  

A customer keeps on changing mind on design of Logo, what the graphic designer’s reply is epic

A customer with medium size company keep on asking for design changes in their company logo. It already gone with more than 10 revisions. Without the idea on what they want, the client is obviously in a try and error mode. What the graphic designer reply is epic. Hi, We will work on the required […]

6 Customer Relationship Building Ideas for Your Website Content

You have a comprehensive search engine and social media marketing program yet you are not getting the desired ranking to produce reasonable traffics for your business. If you know that your marketing strategy is not enough on your expectations then it is time to look for another option. Consider a local focus strategy that maximizes […]

Best Things to do Before Publishing New Post

Writing blogs may be an effective way for marketers to share ideas with their readers, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush through the procedure. By spending just a few minutes before hitting the publish button, you can add more value to your content, value that can bring massive eyeballs and may be higher […]