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Recommended signature in the footer of your portfolio

I monitor the distribution of inbound links daily. We can not have uniform footer signature since it will over optimised our site with single keywords which invite Google penalty. Our practice in footer should be a. Variation of footer link to make it normal to Google’ webmaster 1. Brand link – Company Name 2. Keyword […]

Profitable keywords for Sydney based Led Light Company

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How to Edit the User Permission in New Google Analytic Dashboard

This is the instruction how to change our permission access. 1. Open GA Account Dashboard 2. On the top navigation, click Admin 3. Once the Administration Dashboard is loaded, click “User Management” under the “Account column” 4. In the User Management Dashboard, make sure the following permissions are checked under the sushi account – Edit […]

Solution for Spam Referral Website in Google Analytic

This solution is design for web development company and solo entrepreneur who wished to publish new website. Yes the solution is simple strategy prior to the publication of your website. We find this strategy effective through discovery. Here is the steps 1. While the new website is under design or development, create new profile or […]

5 Best Guides in Improving Customer Engagement

In integrated marketing theory, returning customer is a customer that more likely to buy again. They can also provide better website benefits if they stay longer with your site and engage with your customer service online.  

Mobile website audit for community webiste

Page appears not mobile-friendly due to: Text too small to read – The following text on your page renders in a way that may be difficult for some of your visitors to read. Use legible font sizes to provide a better user experience. Mobile viewport not set – Configuring a viewport specifying width=device-width instead of […]

Mobile friendly audit for small clinic website

using – 1. not mobile friendly 2. – not mobile friendly 3. – not mobile friendly 4. – not mobile friendly 5. – not mobile friendly 6. – not mobile friendly 7. – not mobile friendly 8. – not mobile friendly 9. – not mobile […]