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Profile Collection for Testing 8 ok ok

Complete SEO SETUP Process

Here are the complete SEO setup for any new and revamp website 1. Register to Bing/Google webmaster and Analytics – 2. Intall webmaster and bing code on demo dashboard –

How can i edit the address in Google places and Google map

The site have established Google places that if we want to update the information, we need to claim ownership following Google procedures. Any of the 2 procedure are ok as long as we get the confirmation code. a. Google will send the code in the old address through post card. This confirmation code will serve […]

Marketing Strategies for Network of Graphic Company in South Australia

After requesting a website audit, the company is now looking for marketing recommendations. The following strategy should not be done my a marketing staff alone, it requires project manager, graphic and web developers, writers and internet marketing staff. 1. Clean up the website from possible injection: The site show a red flag from this online […]

Content Marketing Strategy is better than responsive website update

1. For immediate traffics they need to run facebook and adwords advertisement campaign. 2. For long term traffic generation, we need to revamp the website. Google is looking for the following pages: contactus, about us, testimonials and blog page. 3. Once the site is ready, sign up for a 3 months SEO campaign to get […]

Content Duplication Recommendation

We need to encourage the client to make the site unique in terms of content. This is to avoid 2 possible penalties. Content duplication concern with website. Doorway penalty since many pages were linking/pointing to¬†another website owned by client. If the site get the penalty it will become harmful than helpful. It has been […]

SEO SETUP PROCESS for Web Development Companies

1. For old website, before we begin the development, we retrieve and preserve your site’s: a. Google analytics ____________ b. Webmaster code ____________ c. 5 to 10 latest keywords ranking on for comparison with the new website __________ ______ _____ ______ _____ d. Current homepage domain and page authority, number of Google/Bing indexed pages […]