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Content Duplication Recommendation

We need to encourage the client to make the site unique in terms of content. This is to avoid 2 possible penalties. Content duplication concern with website. Doorway penalty since many pages were linking/pointing to¬†another website owned by client. If the site get the penalty it will become harmful than helpful. It has been […]

SEO SETUP PROCESS for Web Development Companies

1. For old website, before we begin the development, we retrieve and preserve your site’s: a. Google analytics ____________ b. Webmaster code ____________ c. 5 to 10 latest keywords ranking on for comparison with the new website __________ ______ _____ ______ _____ d. Current homepage domain and page authority, number of Google/Bing indexed pages […]

Recommended signature in the footer of your portfolio

I monitor the distribution of inbound links daily. We can not have uniform footer signature since it will over optimised our site with single keywords which invite Google penalty. Our practice in footer should be a. Variation of footer link to make it normal to Google’ webmaster 1. Brand link – Company Name 2. Keyword […]